VON HEIDUCK is an artistic institution located on Bornholm. Main goal is development of new hybrids, new expression and new esthetics within the performing arts. Most of the artwork of Von Heiduck has been supported by The Danish Cultural Ministry.

Von Heiduck received the german MOUSON AWARD for “the best outstanding performance in Germany 1998-99”

Artistic director: Thomas Hejlesen. Since 2011 Thomas Hejlesen has made numerous works in partnership with Ninna Steen exploring 3D architectural projection under the name www.STEEN-HEJLESEN.dk

In 2019 Von Heiduck moved to Bornholm in order to establish permanent research- and production facilities.

TRICOTAGE  1984  Site specific,  Aarhus

NOCTURNE  1984   Dance performance, Aarhus

TRASH  1985   Site specific, Aarhus

DUST  1985   Dance performance, Copenhagen and Aarhus

DIE MENSCH MASCHINE  1987  Dance performance with latex marionettes full size, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense

ECLIPSE  1989   Site specific Næstved

HYPERICON  1989   Dance performance, Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen and Aarhus Kunstmuseum

MINORITEN  1990   Site specific, Kassel

PEEPSHOW NO. 1  1991   Dance performance, Copenhagen and Aarhus

TANKEN  1991   Site specific, Næstved

VIS  MOTRIX  1991   Dance performance, Copenhagen

PEEPSHOW  NO. 2  1992   Dance performance, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Mauberge and  Antwerpen

EXCESSES OF LOVE  1992   Dance performance, Copenhagen

FUTURE CLASSIX  1992   Dance performance, Museet for Moderne Kunst Lousiana Humlebæk

MEMORIA  1992   Dance performance with marionettes full size, Copenhagen

SUPER HONEY  1993  Film production with Charles Atlas,  Det Danske Filminstitut

OVER MY DEAD BODY 1993   Barcelona, Bern, Malmö, Vordingborg, Odense, Aarhus

DISSECTION 1994   Dance performance Mungo Park, Allerød

PEEPSHOW NO. 3-4  1994   Zagreb, Frankfurt, Berlin and Aarhus

SAMPLING OF REALITY 1995   Dance performance, Madrid

ANGEST  1995   Dance performance, Copenhagen and Aarhus Festuge

METALPIG  1996   Dance performance Copenhagen, Aarhus and Frankfurt

SOLOSSHÖN  1998   Dance performance, Copenhagen, Malmø, Manchester, Hamburg, Dortmund, Wien and Rome

SALOMÉ 1998   Dance performance, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dresden, Bern, Frankfurt and Lissabon

MEIN HERZ, MEIN HERZ  1999   Dance performance, Copenhagen

EXTROPIA  1999   Dance performance, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Frankfurt

GENSYN   2001   Dance performance, Copenhagen

ATTIS IN MEMORIAM  2003   Dance performance, Rosenborg Slot Copenhagen

TEARS OF DIONYSIUS  2006   Visual concert with Caput Ensemble, Reykjavik Art Festival

PENTIMENTO 1589   2006   Horseballet/dance performance with Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus

CORPUS CHRISTIN  2008   Marionette performance, Tokyo and Copenhagen (only direction)

ACH DU LIEBER…    2009   Performance for actors and 7 grown-up freeland pigs, Copenhagen

ARCHEOPTERYX X  2010   Dance performance with Det Jyske Ensemble, Copenhagen and Aarhus (only direction)

MYRRHA  2011   Visual concert performance with marionette  full size, Copenhagen and Ütrecht

MESSIAEN  1-5    2011-16   Visual concert performance, Copenhagen (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

EXCUSEZ-MOI   2012  Dance performance with marionette full size,  Copenhagen

SELF-RELIANCE   2012  Visual concert performance, Copenhagen (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

AIR IN THE AIR   2013  Opening of festival “Vor der Wind”, visual concert performance, Ütrecht (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

DET SIDSTE MÅLTID   2013  Visual concert performance, Copenhagen

MEDITATION OVER DET ONDE   2013 Visual concert performance, Copenhagen (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

FEINSCHMECKER   2014   Performance with live-size marionette, Odense and Copenhagen direction and marionettes. (co-development S.E.Kristensen) 

IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY 2015  Visual concert performance Copenhagen with Den Sorte Skole  (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

ALLE DØDES DAG 2015 Visual performance concert Copenhagen  (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

MEDITATION OVER DET ONDE   2015-16 Visual concert performance, Copenhagen (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

UNITOPIA  2018  Visual performance concert Copenhagen  (STEEN&HEJLESEN)

BLOOD  2019  Visual music performance, Odense

WUNDERKAMMER  2020  Visual concert performance Vor frue Kirke Copenhagen (STEEN&HEJLESEN)


ANIMA MACHINA 1  2023-24 Kinohotellet Bornholm (STEEN&HEJLESEN)