Du søgte en blomst

og fandt en frugt.

Du søgte en kilde

og fandt et hav.

Du søgte en kvinde

og fandt en sjæl -

du er skuffet.


Performing art experiment inspired by the poems of Edith Södergran, who died 1923 of tuberculosis 31 years old.

The feministic and self-defining poems of Edith Södergran are outstanding and extremely sensitive  and contradicts the morbid male-dominated stage of  meaningless self-destruction during First World War. The poems are merged with new romantic classically music by danish composer Jakob  Thorkild interpreted electrically by THE MESSER QUARTET. The performance involves 1 actor/narrator Lisbeth Sonne and numerous full-size soldier skeleton bodies.  Wireless animatronic technology are being added in order to move chest of skeletons.  All stage light is established by sophisticated animated 3D projections by STEEN&HEJLESEN. 

Premiere 6. october 2018 on DEN FYNSKE OPERA  Odense.   The performance is still available but  in a new version.